TikTok trend asks men how often they think about the Roman Empire. It’s more than you think

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Holy cow, this is a thing.

A new TikTok trend reveals that men think about the Roman Empire regularly, some even multiple times a day.

The trend has women asking their male partners and friends how often they think about it, and the answer always surprises them.

The whole thing started last month when Roman reenactor and influencer Artur Hulu posted, “Ladies, many of you do not realize how often men think about the Roman Empire. Ask your husband/boyfriend/father/brother – you will be surprised by their answers!”

He’s right. The trend is everywhere and it’s hilarious. They look so happy to be talking about it.

@go4positivevibes Genuine excitement that i brought it up. When he breaks into Latin😂 #fyp #romanempire #latin #spqr @Quinn Moran ♬ original sound – Nessa Moran
@amazonalexa.0 talked ab the roman empire so much he ran outta time #romanempire ♬ original sound – alexa

Okay, but there was a few men who had no interest.

@ohioathletics The most realistic one you’ll watch 😂😂😂 #basketball #ncaa #collegebasketball #fyp #romanempire #ohio ♬ nintendo wii (mii channel) song – julie on the internet
@jfam.ily your boyfriends are lying!!!! #romanempire ♬ original sound – The J Family

So now we ask, What do women think about regularly? This person thinks he’s found the women equivalent. Ladies, how often do you think about your ex best friend?

@samanthamarie.s #stitch with @Torijjensen i have no words #romanempire ♬ original sound – Samantha

feature image from Pexels via Davi Pimentel