Midland-area officer won’t be charged following fatal crash in September that claimed a pedestrian’s life

35-year-old man struck and killed

The head of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) points out a Midland-area police officer was driving her vehicle dangerously, but not to the extent that she be charged in connection to the death of a pedestrian in September.

An SIU investigation began September 29 just after midnight, when a 35-year-old man was struck and killed on Highway 12 at Jones Road in Midland. He was struck while walking along the highway with a friend, by a police SUV heading east on Jones. The officer went through the intersection on a green light as the man and his friend were walking diagonally through the intersection.

Despite life-saving efforts by the officer, other police officers, and paramedics, the man succumbed to his injuries on-scene.

Joseph Martino, the Director of the SIU, says while there were reasonable grounds to believe the officer was operating her cruiser in a dangerous fashion, especially in respect to her speed in bad weather and lighting conditions, she will not be charged criminally. “I am not satisfied that the officer’s transgressions on balance rose to the level of criminal conduct,” said Martino in a statement released Wednesday “Accordingly, there is no basis to proceed with criminal charges in this case.”