Midland Senior Staff Taking on Added Duties

Reorganization in the name of efficiency

A few new duties for some folks working senior positions at the Town of Midland.

A corporate reorganization was announced today, taking effect on the 12th, and is expected to streamline workforce assignments and service delivery.

“This realignment is really about improving our efficiency and effectiveness,” said Mayor Stewart Strathearn. “The Regional Government Review may loom large over our region, but the Town of Midland must continue to improve our ability to deal with issues, implement key initiatives that Council has identified, and look for ways to generate new ideas.”

The Directors of Operations, Engineering, Corporate Services, and Human Resources all given new responsibilities in their individual skill sets. Town adds once a regional governance review is complete, there could be more changes required.

The new alignment will see the following changes:

  • Shawn Berriault, currently Director of Operations, will take on a new portfolio as Director of Community Services. This new portfolio will consist of the Town’s Asset Management program; Procurement; Facility Management (including NSSRC); Lease Administration; the Town’s real estate portfolio; and Transit Services.
  • Andy Campbell, currently Director of Engineering, Water and Wastewater Services, will take on a new portfolio as Director of Infrastructure. This new portfolio will consist of the Town Capital and Development Engineering; Water & Wastewater; Operations; Parking Lots, Harbour Management; and Storm Water Management.
  • Amanpreet Sidhu, as Director of Corporate Services/Town Solicitor, will add Customer Service and By-law and Parking Enforcement to his portfolio, in addition to the Office of the Clerk; Corporate Communications; Culture and Tourism; IT Services; and Legal and Risk Management.
  • Laura Yourkin, as Director of Human Resources/Health & Safety, will add Benefits, Payroll and Pension Administration oversight to her portfolio, in addition to Compliance (Health and Safety, ESA); Labour Relations; Recruitment/Retention; and Corporate Training. Ms. Yourkin will also champion the Corporation’s Lean Six Sigma initiative with support from various departmental champions.
  • Susan Turnbull, as Director of Finance, will continue to focus on Finance/Budget; Audit; Assessment and Taxation; Accounts Receivable and Payable; and Financial Planning and Investments.
  • Responsibilities in Planning and Building Services under the leadership of Director Wes Crown, as well as Fire & Emergency Services under the leadership of Fire Chief Paul Ryan, remain unchanged under this reorganization.