Molson wants to spotlight Canadian beer this Canada Day with “The Canadian Case”

this could be the beginning of a brewtiful friendship

With such amazing beer made right here in Canada, along with some wonderful local craft options like Redline Brewhouse, Barnstormers, and Flying Monkeys in Barrie, you might not know that Canada’s top-selling beer isn’t a Canadian brand.

Molson wants to change that this Canada day by putting together a collection of suds that are all made right here in the great white north.

Canadian brands can reach out to Molson who will be opening their case so that domestic beer can stand label to label to encourage Canadians to reach for something homegrown or local the next time they’re having a BBQ, sitting on the patio, or watching the game.

The limited-edition case will be available in limited quantities, but for each one sold, $5 will be donated (up to $25,000) to a local charity. Use the hashtag #MakeItCanadian and let them know what Canadian beers you want in the case!

Featured image courtesy of Molson