About 90 per cent of Barrie City Hall staff have gotten the shot

Almost 100 staffers immediately got the shot after new vaccine policy was handed down

Barrie City Hall says about 90 per cent of staff have rolled up their sleeve for at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

City Hall handed down a new policy in early September that required all staff to show proof of vaccination by October 1 at the very latest, or face disciplinary action. Barrie’s Chief Administrative Officer, Michael Prowse, said the results of the policy were apparent pretty quickly. “Immediately after announcing the policy, almost 100 staff opted to get their first or second dose,” he said in an email to Barrie 360.

“We’re pleased that just over 90% of staff have already complied – which is well over the average in the Region,” he added.

Prowse points out that just over 90 per cent of all staff have gotten at least one shot. “This number is increasing daily as staff continue to submit proof of vaccine,” he said.

The city’s vaccine policy requires those who cannot or will not provide proof of vaccination, or a valid medical exemption, to undergo regular COVID-19 testing at their own expense. “Staff in the ‘non-mandatory group’ who have not submitted proof of vaccination will begin antigen testing twice per week, with the first test required this Thursday,” concluded Prowse.