98% of Simcoe County staff rolled up their sleeves, 38 workers on unpaid leave

County employees had until Monday to get at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine

The deadline for County of Simcoe staff to disclose their vaccination status has come and gone, and the overwhelming majority have gotten the shot.

According to the County on Tuesday that 96 per cent of the county’s 1,932 employees are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, while a further 2 per cent have gotten their first shot by the deadline. County staff, students, and volunteers were required to have received at least one dose of a vaccine by November 1.

However, 38 staff members are either unvaccinated or have refused to disclose their vaccination status. These workers have been placed on leave without pay, effective November 2.

“While we respect the choice of our staff who have decided not to be vaccinated or disclose their status, we have had to make a very difficult decision with a small percentage of staff,” reads a statement from the county. “While it is very difficult to place valued employees on a leave of absence, the County believes that it is the right thing to do in order to protect the vulnerable population, clients and customers that we serve.”

Five additional staff members have provided approved exemptions, and another 3 exemption reviews are underway.