Move over foldable phones, rollable phones are coming

Big screen, small package

The Consumer Electronics Show kicked off today and LG wasted no time in showing off its newest phone technology: Rollable Smartphones.

What exactly does that mean? Well, many smartphone companies have been finding innovative ways to increase screen size without making people carry around a full-sized tablet in their pockets. Most have gone the foldable tech route with screens that can close in on themselves, but LG just revealed a new design that is both slick and practical.

Image courtesy of TechRadar

While other companies like Oppo and TCL have been working on similar devices along with the fact that it is still very early and not much information is known (such as cost or release date), this is the first look at a rollable device that isn’t just a concept. Only time will tell whether we start to see more rollable or foldable phones on the market but until then, this is pretty cool nonetheless.

Featured image courtesy of Tom’s Guide via