Host a virtual movie night on New Year’s Eve with Teleparty!

Staying in?

There are more than a few things to do from home to usher in the new year, including hosting a virtual zoom party or attending The City of Barrie’s awesome New Year’s Eve celebration, and now, you can add hosting a virtual movie marathon to that list with Teleparty.

Last year, we told you about Netflix Party, a cool new Google Chrome app that lets you host a Netflix watch party online, allowing you and your friends to watch the same movie or tv show in real-time, virtually. While it was originally called Netflix Party, it has now expanded to include support for Disney+ and HBO and is called Teleparty, so now you can host watch parties for everything from Game of Thrones (not the last season, obviously) to Star Wars.

If you are looking for something to spice up your online party and want to include a movie or TV show, your options for what to watch just got a whole lot bigger!

With all the hype surrounding the much anticipated Harry Potter Reunion special, why watch it alone? You can’t throw a potion without hitting a Harry Potter fan nowadays and with the ability to have an online watch party, there’s no reason to enjoy it alone!

The first episode of The Book of Boba Fett has also his Disney Plus so if you’re friends enjoy blasters over wands, that’s another awesome option for an online watch party!

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