Netflix to implement a new “shuffle play” feature this year

Finally, a "just pick one for me" option.

Having just released their list of most-watched shows and movies of 2020, there is one thing that we think was missing from that list: scrolling through titles on the main screen.

We’ve all seen it, movie after movie, show after show, scrolling up endlessly as we just can’t decide what to watch. Well, Netflix is planning to implement a brand new feature this year called the “Shuffle Button”.

The “Shuffle Button” will be a new icon on the home screen that will choose a random show or movie that it thinks you will enjoy, based on a personalized algorithm. It might be a movie you’ve started but never finished, a show on your watch list, or something completely new based on your previous viewings.

While there isn’t a precise release date yet and the name isn’t set in stone, it has already had a successful trial run so Netflix is hoping to release this feature to all users, worldwide, in the first half of 2021.

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