New airline passenger protections take flight today

Better communication, compensation

New passenger protections begin today for air travellers in Canada.

Airlines will have to provide timely updates for delays and cancellations, up to $2400 compensation to passengers who get bumped from their flights and up to $2100 for lost baggage (passengers will have to wait at least six months, until December 15, to claim compensation or be provided alternative arrangements in the case of delayed or cancelled flights, even if the carrier is at fault).

If there’s a delay on the tarmac, passengers will be entitled to decent waiting conditions, including proper temperature control in the aircraft and access to food and drink, urgent medical assistance and if possible, a means of communication, all free of charge. Passengers must also have the opportunity to disembark after being delayed on the tarmac for over three hours (in certain circumstances).

The regulations apply to all flights to, from and within Canada, including connecting flights.