New app could make Barrie Transit more accessible, promote inclusion, with easy to understand instructions

MagnusCards app supporting those with unique cognitive needs

The City of Barrie is getting on board with a new app designed to make Barrie Transit more accessible.

The app is called MagnusCards and allows users with various cognitive needs to better navigate unfamiliar experiences like transit. The free app presents users with easy to read, plain language instructions for tasks such as buying a bus pass, reading the city’s transit map, and even getting on and off the bus at appropriate stops.

It is hoped the app will help Barrie residents navigate this unfamiliar environment while promoting independence, building confidence, and enhancing a sense of inclusion. MagnusCards are aimed at those with special needs and their caregivers, as well as seniors, children, and newcomers to Barrie.

The app is free on the App Store and Google Play. Users should select “travel” from the list of options on the main screen and scroll through until Barrie Transit is found. From there, a list of card decks will be presented for user perusal.