New Education Plan Doesn’t Include Sex Ed Outline, Does Zero In On Class Size and S.T.E.M.

Does allow for opting out of health classes

The province is out with an education roadmap, with a focus on STEM and class sizes.

The province’s Education Minister, Lisa Thompson, gave a highlight reel of this new plan today, saying the new education scheme emphasizes science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and limits certain class sizes based on grade.

The PC Government says it will maintain the current framework for class size caps on students from Kindergarten to Grade three, but will establish a consistent approach for grades 4 to 8. Secondary class sizes are expected to be aligned more closely with other Canadian jurisdictions.

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“This is our plan to protect a sustainable world-class education system for the students of today and the future,” said Thompson. “We will make sure our students are leaving school with the skills they need to build good lives, families and careers right here in Ontario, while ensuring the system is both fiscally sustainable and respectful of parents.”

Today’s announcement does not yet address a health and sexual education curriculum; that is expected in late May for a September start. The new education plan does allow for opting out of health classes, and provides online resources for parents to discuss the ins and outs of sex when they decide their kid is ready.