Test your wits with this brand new escape room in Barrie!

Your team...against the clock!

Escape Room Barrie has just opened up a brand-new room for puzzle lovers to work together, solve clues, and escape!

The new room is a horror-themed puzzler called Ravensview Reformatory. You play a group of investigators who have to use their skills to figure out why patients have been disappearing, never to be heard from again. Hurry though, you have one hour to try and find some incriminating evidence before Dr. Von Arnburg comes to collect some new patients (for shock therapy!).

According to their website, this room has a recommended player number of 5, a scare factor of 2 (out of 5), and a slightly higher difficulty of 4 (also out of 5).

If you’ve never visited Escape Room Barrie, they also have 2 other rooms to book (and 1 more coming soon). The first is called Against Your Will and tasks players with escaping a kidnapper who loves testing his victims. The second is a uniquely Barrie experience called Simcoe Arms Hotel where, on your way up to your floor, you get stuck in the elevator on the 13th floor. The problem is, it doesn’t have a 13th floor!

Whether you’re a puzzle lover or maybe you’re looking for something to do this Family Day, Escape Room Barrie has some incredibly fun rooms to check out including the brand new one they just opened over the weekend.

Entry is $25 per person, however, military, first responders, and post-secondary students receive a $5 discount.

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Do you think you have what it takes to escape the rooms and claim a top spot on Escape Room Barrie’s leaderboards?