New Path Youth and Family Services to fund family support program with recent grant windfall

Program pairs parents of children with mental health needs with workers who have lived experiences

The New Path Youth and Family Services is going to put its recent grant money to good use funding a program designed to give parents more options in helping their children.

New Path received a three-year $695,300 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to provide the Family Support Program (FSP). This program is said to partner parents or caregivers with family support workers who have lived experiences as caregivers of children with mental health needs.

“This program is effective at engaging families, and reducing dropout from services,” said Lisa Cluett, Manager of Clinical Services. “When family and caregivers have less strain, feel connected to a peer-to- peer worker, and our community resources, they are less isolated and better equipped with skills and resources to parent their children.”

About eighty percent of caregivers report their work/life balance is impacted due to their child’s mental health concerns. Stress levels, mental health, and the ability to parent their child are impacted. Through the FSP, New Path works with families to develop a support plan and help caregivers develop skills to support their children. The program is available to those families participating in New Path’s longer-term service programs.

Feature image courtesy New Path. left to right: Tanya Alfieri Supervisor Family Support Program, Brenda Powling Family Support Worker, Shannon McNally Family Support Worker and Lisa Cluett Family Manager Family Support Program.