New Uber Eats update will make it easier for restaurants to connect with customers

No more missing out on a deal!

A new update to the Uber Eats app will bring new features with it that will allow restaurants to better connect with their customers about announcements, promotions, and pictures.

The first feature is called “Merchant Stories” and will work in a similar way to other story features on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It will allow merchants to add timely and personalized stories for restaurants directly in the Uber Eats app.

The second part of the update is the introduction of direct integration with Instagram, allowing merchants to connect their social media platform to the app so customers can browse pictures, specials, and updates from there as well (Localicious anyone?).

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“As we encounter a new wave of COVID-19 in Canada, it’s become even more crucial to find new ways to support local restaurants,” said Lola Kassim, the general manager of Uber Eats Canada, in a statement.

The new update is set to roll out soon (if it hasn’t already hit the app store already).

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