Nirvana wants naked baby lawsuit dismissed, Mariah Carey and daughter surprise McDonald’s staff, and how to unstick your tongue from a pole

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Nirvana wants the naked baby lawsuit dismissed

Nirvana’s lawyers are doing the talking following a lawsuit over their famous “Nevermind” album cover.

This past summer, 30-year-old Spencer Elden, the baby from the 1991 album cover filed a lawsuit against the band, accusing Nirvana of violating federal pornography laws.

The bands’ lawyers have asked the judge to dismiss the lawsuit saying that the claims were outside the statute of limitations.

In addition, the statement says, “Elden’s claim that the photograph on the ‘Nevermind’ album cover is ‘child pornography’ is, on its face, not serious.”

The band has asked the judge to rule on their request to dismiss the case on Jan. 20, 2022.

image courtesy of vinylmeister via flickr

Mariah Carey and daughter prank, then surprise McDonald’s staff

Mariah Carey and her daughter Monroe Cannon made a stop at an Aspen, Colorado McDonald’s.

They went to the restaurant to order off the “Mariah Menu.” The limited-time menu is available throughout the holidays in the U.S.

An Instagram video shows Monroe and Mariah annoying drive-thru staff when Monroe orders in a heavy and aggressive New York accent.

They eventually went into the dining area and surprised everyone. Mariah herself was in full glamour, complete with a blinged-up mask. ” She says everything was impromptu, and her kids just wanted some “Mickey D’s.”

A how to guide on unsticking yourself from a pole

Ever since the tongue scene in “A Christmas Story,” children have lived in fear of getting stuck to a pole.

Scientists reveal what to do if you’re unfortunate enough to lick a pole in the dead of winter and get stuck.

To demonstrate how to free yourself, they use a pig tongue and a pole dipped in liquid nitrogen.

You try yelling for help (as best as you can with your tongue stuck) and slowly pour warm water over your mouth. Then you gently pull your tongue away from the pole as the water melts the ice. Ouch! Watch the demonstration below.

feature image courtesy of Mariah Carey Instagram