Not Much Movement From Barrie Jobless Rate

Provincial And Federal Rates Near-Constant All Year Too

Barrie’s unemployment rate hasn’t wavered much in the last few months.

Statistics Canada is out with its monthly recap of the job market across the land and indicates Barrie’s jobless rate inched up three-tenths to 5.9 percent in November from October. “Employment was up by 1,000 jobs since October, but the labour force grew by 1,400, so there was a slight increase in the unemployment rate,” says Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman, ” That’s the challenge of a fast growing city – despite 1,000 more people having jobs, the number of workers grew even faster,”

The city’s jobless rate sat at 5.9 percent in September too and has generally not fluctuated much the entire year, aside from a temporary bump up to 7 percent in April. ” Our rate has kicked around at 5-point- something for most of Q3 and Q4 of 2019 and depending on how we finish the year, may be the lowest annual unemployment rate since 2007,” says Lehman, “but this is certainly part of a broader trend as Ontario and Canada’s economy has been turning out jobs pretty consistently over the past few years,”

The provincial jobless rate also saw a fairly stable 2019, with very little movement up or down over the year. The unemployment rate stayed at 5.4 percent in November, the same as October and the lowest point it has reached all year. The jobless rate inched up to 5.8 through March and April but fell steadily from there.

On the federal level, much of the same: the jobless rate remained at 5.6 percent in November, continuing a four-month streak. The rate was at its highest in March as well, also at 5.8 percent.