One Charged in Superbowl RIDE as South Simcoe Police Continue to Name and Shame

Service To Continue Naming Impaired Drivers To Gauge Impact

A series of Superbowl RIDE stops netted one drunk driving arrest.

South Simcoe Police say a 25-year-old Innisfil man was arrested for impaired driving after failing a roadside breath test about 11:00 Sunday evening, after police caught a whiff of booze on his breath.

Aside from the one Drunk Driving arrest, police say a three day warn-range suspension was handed down, with a ticket written up for someone accused of having cannabis in easy reach.

The South Simcoe Police say the Superbowl RIDE results notwithstanding, the Service will continue to name-and-shame those charged with drunk driving. It was initially a four-week practice in the hopes of acting as a deterrent, while higher ups have since decided to extend the Name-and-Shame experiment a tad longer to gauge impact.

“It is too soon to say what impact the naming of people charged with impaired driving is having in our communities.” says South Simcoe Police Chief Andrew Fletcher, “But we are unwavering in our resolve to use whatever tools we can to prevent people from driving impaired. We know this is a serious problem in our community and we will do whatever is needed to ensure our roads are safe for all motorists.”

Police say this stems moreso from the results of the 2018 Festive RIDE campaign, where 14 people were charged with impaired driving related offenses.