No hospital data as Ontario punches through more than 18,000 COVID-19 infections

Key data about the number of hospitalizations, vaccination status and testing information is unvailable

Some key metrics from Saturday’s COVID-19 case count are not included in data released by Ontario Public Health (OPH).

OPH reported 18,445 new cases, a single-day record in the province.

Officials said case counts are an underestimate of the true number of infections in Ontario due to changes in the availability of testing.

On Thursday, the province announced changes as to who was eligible for a PCR test and they are now only available for those who work in highest risk settings, for symptomatic high-risk individuals as well as vulnerable populations.

Members of the general public who have mild symptoms have been asked not to seek testing.

Ontario’s rolling seven-day average is 12,495 infections, up from 5,939 a week ago.

OPH also reported another 12 new deaths.

Other data used to track the severity of this latest wave was unavailable, including the number of hospitalizations, vaccination status, testing information and positivity rates. The Ministry of Health will release updated reports on Tuesday.

According to OPH, Simcoe-Muskoka had 850 new cases on Saturday, which would be a one-day record. Most of the new cases are in the Greater Toronto Area.