Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health confirms Ontario’s 28th COVID-19 case on Friday

Hand washing remains the best defense.

The province’s top medical expert has confirmed Ontario’s 27th and 28th cases of COVID-19.

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Williams, said on Friday a man in his 20’s went to the emergency room of a Toronto hospital this week, having returned from Italy March 3rd. He has since been sent home to sit in self-isolation after tests confirmed he had contracted the coronavirus COVID-19.

Health experts say washing your hands thoroughly and frequently, and avoiding touching your face, are key in combatting this latest coronavirus

Dr. Williams added a 60-something woman who arrived home from Iran on March 2nd and went to a hospital in Richmond Hill is also convalescing at home.

In both cases, according to the province, all necessary precautions were taken to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus to others.

Thus far, the province has tested over 1,760 people for the virus; at least 1,660 have resulted in negative results. Of those who have contracted the virus, four have recovered fully; there have been no fatalities reported in Canada as a result of this disease.

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Dr. Colin Lee, Associate Medical Officer of Health with the Simcoe County District Health Unit, says the best defence against COVID-19 is hand washing. But you’ve got to be thorough. “When one washes their hands, the time that it takes to adequately wash is 20 seconds, that’s what you’re aiming for,” said Dr. Lee. “Unfortunately we know that most people don’t wash them for 20 seconds. One should try to sing Happy Birthday to themselves (while washing their hands), and that should be about 20 seconds.”

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Medical experts also recommend you try to avoid touching your face including your mouth, eyes, and nose.