Ontario Public Service must be vaccinated or submit to regular testing

Sick Kids Hospital, Royal Bank insisting on employee vaccination

The Ontario government has sent a memo to its 64,000 employees telling them they will have to be vaccinated against COVID-19, or provide a medical reason why they cannot be vaccinated, submit to an educational session and undertake regular testing.

A timeline for vaccination has yet to be determined.

“Throughout the pandemic, we have taken every step necessary to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of Ontarians,” Treasury Board President Prabmeet Sarkaria said in a statement. “We continue to encourage all eligible Ontarians to get vaccinated. That is why our government fully supports the mandatory vaccination and testing policy being developed by the Ontario Public Service.”

Chatham Kent MPP Rick Nicholls has been booted from the government caucus for refusing to get a shot. The government had given its members until 5 p.m. yesterday to get one. Nicholls said he made a personal choice because he considers it a constitutional right not to get take the shots. He will not be allowed to seek re-election as a PC candidate.

And there’s more.

Sick Kids Hospital will make it mandatory for employees to be vaccinated.

So will the Royal Bank.