Ontario Will Allow Pot Shops To Sell Online And Over The Phone

Cannabis To Become More Readily Accesible

This province may have flubbed its foray into legal cannabis, but we’re slowly getting on track to making product more readily available for consumers. The Ontario government announced on Wednesday that it will allow retail shops to sell cannabis products online and over the phone for in-store pickup.

Toronto, and Ontario in general, is light on retail stores, but the government is expected to increase the number of shops from 25 to 75 across the province this fall.

Furthermore, the government announced plans for licensed producers to have retail space on their production sites. For a government that touted its mandate to relax laws around alcohol as a move “to treat people like responsible adults,” it’s refreshing to see that cannabis users are inching closer to also being treated like responsible adults.

Cannabis edibles became legal in Canada last month, with products expected to hit stores as early as next month.

Image via Flickr/cameragirl