OPP enforcing provincial gathering size caps

Police to ensure no private gatherings of more than 25 outside, 10 inside

The OPP will be cracking down on those violating provincial crowd size limits.

Frontline OPP officers will be enforcing caps laid out by Queen’s Park, with ten people permitted in an indoor gathering, and 25 outdoors. This applies to social gatherings in private residences, backyards, parks, or other recreational areas. It could include parties, functions, dinners, wedding receptions, and more.

It does not apply to events or gatherings in staffed businesses and facilities; specific health and safety guidelines have already been handed down to these organizations.

Police officers have the authority to temporarily close any premises where reasonable grounds exist to believe a gathering or event is violating the provincial edict.

As of September 19, the province capped crowd sizes across Ontario as a means of controlling a spike in new COVID cases.