Orillia’s new Boat Trailer Parking Program in effect

Program is designed to make parking your boat trailer easier

Orillia’s new Boat Trailer Parking Program begins today in an effort to make parking your boat trailer easier.

This program will be in effect from Monday to Sunday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. from May 15 to October 15.

If you are an Orillia, resident or someone who pays taxes directly to the City, you can park your boat trailer for free by displaying a Resident Boat Trailer Parking Permit. However, if you don’t have a permit, the cost to park your boat trailer in 2023 will be $10 per hour, with a maximum of $50 per day. Using the launch ramps won’t cost anything extra.

Mayor of Orillia, Don McIsaac, notes the fee is a common practice in many places. It’s meant to encourage turnover in parking spaces and help cover the expenses of maintaining the City’s boat launch ramps and parking lots.

To get the 2023 permit, simply visit orillia.ca/parking and fill out the Resident Boat Trailer Parking Permit request form. The permit will be tied to your boat trailer’s license plate number and should be displayed on the driver’s side of your towing vehicle’s dashboard.

Orillia taxpayers will need to upload their Trailer Licence Permit as part of the application process. This document should show both your trailer’s license number and your Orillia address. If your permit doesn’t have your Orillia address, you must also upload another form of identification like your driver’s license, tax bill, or utility bill to prove your address.

If you have multiple trailers associated with your Orillia address, you can request Resident Boat Trailer Parking Permits for each of them. Just remember to fill out a separate request form and provide the necessary documentation for each trailer.

Once you’ve requested the permit, you’ll receive it via email within five business days. While there is no option to get the Resident Boat Trailer Parking Permit in person, you can visit the Orillia Public Library during regular business hours, and they can help you print the permit for a small fee of $0.25. If you don’t have internet access, someone else can fill out the request form on your behalf.

The Boat Trailer Parking Program covers specific areas in the Centennial Park Boat Launch parking lot and the Collins Drive Boat Launch parking lot, as well as the nearby streets of Collins Drive, MacIsaac Drive, and Rodger Road. You can park in these locations without a fee or permit if you don’t have a boat trailer.

Keep in mind that the Centennial Park Boat Launch and parking lot are currently closed due to ongoing construction for the Centennial Drive Reconstruction Project.

banner image: City of Orillia