Orillia Changing Up Waste Collection To Accommodate a Growing West End

Some of Tuesday's Route Moves To Wednesday, Wednesday Moves to Thursday

The west end of Orillia is growing so much that garbage trucks can’t keep up.

The City of Orillia says growth and development have made it so that the City’s collection contractor regularly finish Tuesday’s existing route too late in the day. To accommodate, the city is switching up the collection schedule.

Part of Tuesday’s route will move into Wednesday, while a portion of Wednesday’s collection route will move into Thursday’s. Louise Lane will have its trash collected on Monday as per the changes.

New Trash Collection Routes to Accommodate a Growing West End

“The City of Orillia is always looking at ways to better serve its residents and by modifying the collection routes we will be able to provide faster and more efficient pick-up for your waste, recycling, green bin and yard waste items,” said Mayor Steve Clarke.

The changes take effect December 3rd.