Orillia closes access to public playground equipment in response to COVID-19

The City says municipal playground equipment cannot be sanitized

Taking the kids to a City park in Orillia to use the playground equipment can be scratched from your to-do list.

The City says municipal playground equipment is closed to public access as of Sunday because the equipment cannot be sanitized.

Signs will be posted in all the parks and playgrounds throughout the community.

“With the health and safety of our citizens in mind, we will be proactive in assessing the COVID-19 pandemic and taking necessary precautions to help prevent its spread. We want to encourage safe recreational activities, but because we are unable to sanitize public playground equipment, it has been determined to close public access to the playgrounds. Although, children should be able to handle the COVID-19 virus themselves, it is by that ability they can also be perfect transmitters of the virus to others including, perhaps, our most vulnerable,” said Mayor Steve Clarke.

The City requires that local school boards and private property owners follow the City’s leadership and close public access to their playgrounds.