Our Favourite Specialty Coffee From Around Barrie

Regular coffee is good...but special is better!

Whether it’s your first brew of the day, a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or that tall cup to keep you working through the night, sometimes a regular old coffee just won’t cut it. If you’re like us, you probably like a little whipped cream, frothy milk, or a shot of espresso in your cup so here are a few of our favourite places around Barrie to pick up (or get delivered) a specialty coffee.

Mexican Mocha From Creative Bean

Let’s not waste any time with boring drinks and jump right into something interesting. A Mexican Mocha is similar to the original chocolate infuses coffee but with a spicy twist; rich cream, nutmeg, and cinnamon are all kicked up a notch with a pinch of cayenne pepper. Where can you try this creative coffee? Creative Bean, of course.

Chocolate Chip Frappe From Centurion Coffee

If the chill of winter doesn’t have you dodging cold drinks, a frappe can be as refreshing as they are delicious. This iced coffee beverage is made by shaking or blending coffee, milk, sugar, and vanilla together and the Chocolate Chip Frappe will tickle even more of your sweet tooth by adding chocolate chips into the mix! We recommend trying this one at one of Barrie’s newest coffee shops, Centurion Coffee (and maybe picking up a slice of cheesecake while you’re at it).

Chai Latte From Bohemia

Okay, it doesn’t technically count as a specialty “coffee” but chai lattes are the drink of choice for so many people that we had to include it! Made by boiling black tea in milk and mixing in aromatic herbs and spices, chai lattes originated in India but have since taken the world by storm. Now a staple of Downtown Barrie, Bohemia should be at the top of anyone’s list of places to grab one!

Red Eye From Casa Cappuccino

If you’re struggling to stay awake or feel the need to be up long into the night (and most likely, when the sun comes up), get back to basics with a red eye which combines a shot of espresso with a cup of normal drip coffee. If you’re feeling particularly tired, you can go one step further with a black eye which adds one extra shot to the mix. Both versions of this simple jittery drink are best sipped at Casa Cappuccino.

Eggnog Cappuccino from Higher Grounds

Christmas may have come and gone but if you want to hold onto that holiday feeling for as long as possible, the Eggnog Cappuccino is exactly what you need. A cappuccino combines espresso with steamed, foamy milk and if you add some eggnog to the mix, you have one delicious combination. Get one from Higher Grounds in Downtown Barrie before the eggnog wells dry up!

Feature image courtesy of Burst via pexels.com