Outdoor long-term care home visits to resume as of Saturday, May 22

Masks and physical distancing still required during visits

Go say hi to grandma, she sure misses you.

The Ministry of Long-Term Care sent a letter to homes across the province on Friday, letting it be known that visitors can see their loved ones at Long-Term Care homes for outdoor visits, effective Saturday, May 22.

A maximum of two visitors will be permitted per resident, on top of essential caregivers. Visitors must be actively screened upon arrival and cannot proceed beyond entry points.

Visitors will still be required to wear masks and maintain a safe physical distance.

Long-Term Care homes across Ontario have been instructed to reintroduce plans and processes to support outdoor visits by Saturday. Individual homes are expected to communicate to the community around them on how to book a visit and ensure proper protocols are followed during the get-together.

As of early May, over 95 per cent of long-term care residents and 87 per cent of staff across Ontario have received their vaccination.