Over seven million Ontario adults have rolled up their sleeves twice for a COVID shot

Local health unit reported just two new cases of COVID on Tuesday, second day in a row

Another vaccination milestone moment was noted on Tuesday after the number of fully vaccinated Ontarians surpassed seven million.

There were 7,124,007 people who were fully vaccinated as of Public Health Ontario’s Tuesday morning report. It also stated that there have been more than 17.2 million total doses administered, while 176,834 of those were administered before 8 p.m. yesterday.

Ontario health officials reported 146 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, which is an increase of 32 from the day prior. There were also seven additional deaths in the day’s report, while there were no deaths reported on Monday.

Locally, the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit reported two new cases of COVID-19, for the second day in a row.

The number of people in Simcoe-Muskoka in hospital with COVID-19 dropped to four from ten the day prior, while province-wide, a dozen more people were sent to hospital, 142 are currently receiving treatment across Ontario.