Over Three Grand in Fire Code Fines For Gravenhurst Property Owner

small fire earlier this week revealed serious lack of alarms

A property owner is on the hook for multiple citations after a fire at their Gravenhurst complex revealed a lack of alarms.

Gravenhurst Fire was called to the Bishop St. four-plex around 9:00 Tuesday evening, with reports of a fire there. A small electrical fire had occurred in one of the units, but firefighters say they quickly discovered there was an absence of adequate and up-to-date smoke and CO alarms in the building.

A follow-up call from fire inspectors today resulted in five charges of Failure to Install Smoke Alarms, and another five of Failure to Install Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

“The notion of a landlord failing to adequately safeguard their tenants with basic measures such as alarms is simply intolerable in this day and age,” said Breyan Sinnott, fire prevention officer with the Department. “Though the landlord is cooperating fully at this point in time, all landlords must understand their responsibilities under the legislation, ‘I didn’t know’ doesn’t wash anymore,” explained Sinnott.

The property owner faces fines of $3,600.