Parking ticket cancellation program for those who buy a meal at a Barrie restaurant is extended

Campaign to last until June 3

Something for Barrie residents to chew on.

City council general committee gave tentative approval on Monday night to extend a program that allows residents who receive a parking ticket, to have it cancelled if they purchase a meal from a Barrie restaurant in an amount equal to or greater than the set fine, within five days after receiving the ticket. The individual who got the ticket would need a receipt as proof of purchase.

Councillor Gary Harvey recommended the campaign last month after the idea was suggested to him by a friend.

The campaign has been in place since Apr. 14.

Harvey’s item for discussion extends the program to June 3, 2021 or two weeks beyond the current provincial stay-at-home order. The campaign would be reinstated if any future stay-at-home orders are issued related to COVID-19.

The program does not apply to any tickets that are received where parking is prohibited or causes a safety concern.

The extension requires the rubberstamp of City Council at its next meeting on May 10.