People on the CERB to be merged over to a revamped EI program

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit will wind down by September 27

The federal government’s Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) will end September 27, but there is a lifeline for workers who are still in need of financial support.

CERB will be extended another four weeks. The new benefit will pay between $400 and $600 a week depending on the situation.

CERB pays people $2,000 a month.

People who need to continue receiving financial support when CERB ends will be required to follow employment insurance (EI) rules. In other words, you will have to prove you are looking for work and will have to file reports every two weeks.

There will also be some additional benefits including a $500 a week sick and care giving benefit if an individual is ill or a school or daycare is shut down.

The government will also freeze EI premiums for employers and workers for the next two years.

The Liberals have calculated about 400,000 people will receive benefits who otherwise wouldn’t have qualified for EI when the CERB ends.

Since mid-March, the CERB has paid almost $69.4 billion in benefits to 8.6 million people, of which 4.1 million have since returned to the labour market.