Pet of the Month: August 2021 Edition

Look at all those happy faces!

This Barrie 360 feature has been brought to you by Heather Jones Real Estate

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of your adorable furry friends! Here is this month’s winner, as well as the runners-up:

August 2021 Pet of the Month:


A cuddle monster who loves to nap, how could we not pick this beautiful birthday girl as our Pet of the Month! Happy birthday Rodeo and save some cake for us!

August 2021 Pet of the Month Runners-up:


Always the outdoorsman, if you’re looking for Luke you never have to search farther than his favourite chair! Enjoy your nap little buddy.


Beau is the appropriate name seeing as he’s absolutely beautiful! Only 10 months old but already quite the character, Beau loves being right by his owner’s side, 24 hours a day.


Not only does Boss love car rides, but when half the Timbits you get are old-fashioned plain, he’s more than happy to eat those for you. What a good boy.


Maisy is only 8 months old and loves spending time at the Barrie waterfront. She can spend hours happily paddling around in the water before her owners have to reluctantly take her back home!


Say hello to Carlos the gentleman! His owners found him under their porch one day and decided it was time to give him a real home!

Lady Pickles

Definitely unique as far as names go, Lady Pickles is the protector of the house who does one heck of a job scaring away all those super dangerous birds!

Dozer & Georgia

What’s better than a single 100-pound pup who thinks he’s a lap dog? Two, of course! Be careful where you sit down around Dozer and Georgia because you’re likely to get a lap full of cuteness.


We’re a few months early with this one but just look how photogenic he is! Pumpkin is a mischievous little rascal who likes opening cupboard doors and hiding! Luckily, he’s so bright orange it’s usually easy to find him.


Thanos loves getting into things he’s not supposed to and one day, he’s going to rule the world! If you’ve got something delicious, he’ll be right there…in a snap!