Pet of the Month: April Edition

If you're looking for ugly pets, you're barking up the wrong tree

This Barrie 360 feature has been brought to you by Pet Value – Yonge StWellingtonInnisfil.

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of your adorable furry friends! Here is this month’s winner, as well as the runner-ups:

April 2020 Pet of the Month:

Georgie & Vida

Georgie has been the big man of the house for a while but when Vida moved in he was quick to share his toys and love.

April 2020 Pet of the Month Runner-Ups


When you think of Chihuahuas you might think of scrappy little balls of energy but Tia is a little different. You can catch her most days eating, napping, or sitting in her owner’s lap.


Otto is a 2-year-old miniature Australian Sheperd who spends his days following his owners around the house, wherever they go…and they’re always happy to see this smiling face!


King the Hyland Lynx bounces between being docile and energetic at the drop of a hat and loves jumping up on the bed for a quick cuddle.


Along with having a cool name, Cash the 5-year old Bengal loves to cuddle and play fetch. He normally hates cameras but has (thankfully) gotten used to it!


While Lexi is only 3 months olds, she is full of energy and loves to go for walks and hunt for Geocaches with her owners (followed by a nap on the way home!).

Diego & Kita

Besides looking like they’re gracing the cover of a magazine, Diego & Kita are two inseparable Huskies that love spending time in the snow (and posing perfectly for pictures).


Dodge is a 4-year-old lab who loves spending time looking (and sometimes chatting) with the local animals who run through his yard.


Coby is an old boy who can eat more food than he has any right too! He also has his own Instagram page full of cute pictures.


Shanti is an adopted Border-Collie mix who likes to spend all the time he can at the dog park, playing with his friends.