Pet of the Month: April Edition

Meet This Month's Crazy Characters

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of your adorable furry friends! Here is this month’s winner, as well as the runner-ups:

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Axel came to his owners grossly underweight, abused and fearful of people. He was also born deaf and blind in 1 eye. It’s taken some work to help Axel overcome his obstacles but he continues to persevere everyday. His owners are so proud to watch him grow.



Glen is a miniature Goldendoodle. He is affectionate, intelligent and extremely playful. Glen loves to greet visitors with a toy in his mouth!


Hank is a 160 pound giant cuddle bug! He loves to be where ever his owners are and thinks he’s a lap dog most days. Hank has a little bit of an inner diva and enjoys being tucked in with his own blanket every night.


Don’t be fooled by the name, Monster is an absolute sweetheart and snuggle bug. He is always down to play and go on adventures.


Georgia is a 5-year-old Coonhound. She loves lounging around and bathing in the sun. She loves to strike a pose anywhere. Sometimes she can be caught sitting in a chair just like her human family.

Kevin Bacon

Kevin was rescued from the outdoors on a chilly winter day. His owner is thankful for the unconditional love this guy brings into their life. He loves all the rubs and scratches he can get.


Jack is an adorable Toy American Eskimo. His owners were convinced they were not getting a dog, but when they say his face on an advertisement they couldn’t resist. They are so thankful they made the decision to bring him home.


Brie was rescued from Lost Boys Hope. She is an amazing girl despite the abuse and traumatic experiences she has endured. She turned out to be to perfect addition to her family.


Rhett is a 14-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse. He is a very sweet boy with the most amazing personality. He is always making everyone at the barn laugh with his antics.


JJ is a Red Nose Pitbull. He is such a clumsy, sweet boy.He loves to snuggle and always takes up the whole bed at bedtime. JJ also loves to go for his walks on the beach and make new friends.

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