Pet of the Month: August Edition

Hit paws...and check out these cute pets!

This Barrie 360 feature has been brought to you by Pet Value – Yonge StWellingtonInnisfil.

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of your adorable furry friends! Here is this month’s winner, as well as the runner-ups:

August 2020 Pet of the Month:


Nestled comfortably between the others, Benny is the orange kitten front and centre. While her owners don’t know much about him yet, they have decided to rescue and welcome him into their family in September! It’s their first kitty, and it looks like they scored a real cutie!

August 2020 Pet of the Month Runner-ups:


Jasper’s owners originally got her to be a therapy dog for survivors in court so she’s always in tune with people’s emotions. A big, lovable teddy bear.


Katie is an 8-year-old rescue who absolutely loves to eat! She is also super excited to see Toronto sports kicking off again. She’s a fan, can’t you tell?


Meet one of Barrie’s newest pups! Rossi is a 5-month-old Miniature American Sheppard, who has been spending most of his time exploring all the parks and trails around the city.


Kaia is a rescue pup who came all the way to her family from Korea! She is the perfect example that sometimes you have to keep trying. Her first family decided not to keep her, but she is now with her new family and happier than ever!


Say hello to Midnight, a brand new mother to 5 cute kittens! You might have noticed there is only 4 in the picture, but that’s because Midnight is currently sitting on one and of course, that one’s name is Squish.


Wrigley is a 13-week-old pup who loves to play with kids and other dogs. He’s full of energy, super playful, and let’s face it, Saint Bernard puppies are just too darn cute!


Once upon a time, Dart was a stray cat with patchy fur that would fall out due to stress. Now, he is looking better than ever and receiving lots of love from his new family.


Another epic journey, Gabbi was found in a dumpster with her sister and was flown to Canada all the way from Mexico. She is healthier (and cuter) than ever being showered with affection.


We love a pet who knows how to strike a pose! Reo is a Tuxedo Cat with a morning routine. She meows and 6 AM so that her dad will wake up, feed her, and play with her. Life is good for this kitty!