Pet of the Month: July 2021 Edition

So many un'fur'gettable pets this month!

This Barrie 360 feature has been brought to you by Heather Jones Real Estate

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of your adorable furry friends! Here is this month’s winner, as well as the runners-up:

July 2021 Pet of the Month:

Lynk and Lewie

We always love a good doggy duo! Lynk and Lewie spend their days playing, sleeping, and running, but always together. Right now, they also love helping cheer on Team Canada!

June 2021 Pet of the Month Runners-up:


Cassie is an Australian Shepherd who is only 6-months old but already has years of experience with giving love and affection! All the snuggles and kisses you could ever want when she’s around.


Kurama is a barn cat who was adopted only 2 months ago. She loves waking people up by licking their feet and sneaking sips of their drink when no one is looking!


While she definitely personifies her name, Happy is always pampered day and night so she knows who’s the real boss of the house is!


It should be illegal to be this cute. Chewie is a 9-week-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who loves cuddles and can always be found with one of his squeaky toys (hence the name)!


From super small to a not-so-small 110-pound buddy. Hershey’s owners rescued him from the shelter they work at and they can’t believe how much they lucked out! Neither can we, what a cutie!


Winnie is only 8 weeks old but as you can see, she has already started to perfect the art of the head tilt. She’s still working on the perfect angle, but she’s so darn cute, she can take all the time she needs.


Sophie an 8-month-old American Bully who is always on guard on the couch. The price of admission to sit? Cuddles and kisses, of course.


If you ever wondered if a dog could be cooler than a person, wonder no longer. We’re not sure if he loves the water or hated it so much he learned how to paddleboard right over it. Either way, we love it.


Gomez is a pandemic kitty who brought some much-needed company to her owners during their time inside. She is cute, loveable, and a total drama queen when it comes to taking pictures.