Pet of the Month: March 2021 Edition

An all dog special this month!

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of your adorable furry friends! Here is this month’s winner, as well as the runners-up:

March 2021 Pet of the Month:


We just can’t get over how adorable of a pup this is! Born only 2 months ago, Blue is a recently adopted Lab who is fitting in perfectly with his 11 brothers and sisters!

March 2021 Pet of the Month Runner-ups:


Meet Phenix, a 13-year-old Lab rescue who, while he’s getting up there, always manages to greet people at the door! He is also an absolute pro at posing for pictures.


Iridessa came a long way to Canada (all the way from the island of St. Maarten) but now that she’s here, she’s happier than ever. Sweet, protective, and always wiggling her back-end in happiness!


Axel is a 92-pound goofball who loves playing outside! It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, raining, or bright and sunny, if he’s outdoors, he’s happy!


If you ever find yourself in the home of Miss Daisy here, one call is all it takes for her to come running and plop herself right down in your lap! She loves her job as the number 1 lap dog!

Gemma & Rocco

We all know it’s always nicer to sleep with a cuddle buddy and luckily for Gemma, Rocco is always close by to provide a place to rest her head! They can be a little mischievous, but when they’re ready for bed, they find each other pretty quickly!


Although she doesn’t have another dog to cuddle with, Bella is never far from the next best thing: Her stuffed bear, Alfred. There’s nothing she likes to do more than get comfy and watch a movie with her owners!


After a long night of sleep the first thing Saber’s owners see is this adorable face urging them to wake up. The day is young and there are lots of balls to fetch, holes to dig, and trails to walk!


Jackson is a 9-year-old Golden Retriever who can melt hearts with a single look from those big brown eyes! You can easily make him fall in love right back by bringing him on a walk or a car ride.


Emmie loves to be pampered and her owners are more than happy to oblige. From toys to treats, she usually gets what she wants!