Get a personalized phone call from Screams Ghostface: New website makes it easy for him to give you a shout

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It’s a phone call any huge Scream movie fan would love to get, a call from “Ghostface.”

Paramount has a website where you can register your number and get a personalized call from the famous slasher.

It works in Canada too!

You enter your name and phone number, and within an hour you should get a personalized call from Ghostface that will excite you, make you p@@p your pants, or both.

Make sure you have the answer to what your favourite scary movie is.

All the messages are reportedly recorded by Roger L. Jackson, the actual voice of the slasher in the films.

It’s also a great way to prank your friends if you don’t like them.

Check it out here


In addition to the phone calls, Ghostface has been popping up across the United States, but it’s all for publicity.

He’s been on live camera feeds across that country, starring ominously and freaking people out.

Rumours say he’s heading up to NYC ahead of the premier.

feature images via youtube