Phony cabbie swapping real debit cards for fake ones as part of new scam reported in Barrie

Victims offered cash by person claiming to have been a passenger of a cab that only takes debit

Barrie Police have issued an official head’s up over a new scam being reported in the city.

It works like this: victims are approached by someone claiming to be a recent passenger of a cab that can’t take cash because of COVID restrictions. The victim is offered cash in exchange for using their debit card to pay the cabbie. Little does the victim know the debit machine has skimmed their PIN in the process while the cab driver swapped the real bank card for a fake one. The pretend passenger and the cabbie would then hit up an ATM to take what they can.

In both instances reported to Barrie Police, the victims didn’t know until they tried to use their bank card later.

Taxi cab companies operating in the city have confirmed that they still accept cash regardless of COVID restrictions.

The suspects involved in this scam are both described as male with a light brown complexion. The driver has been described as being in his 40’s with a stocky build and balding. The other suspect is believed to be in his 20’s, approximately 6’ tall, with medium to long black hair and has been further described as being well dressed and polite. The vehicle in question is described as orange in colour with blue or green trim around the edges and could be a decommissioned taxi.

If anyone has had a similar incident happen to them, they’re asked to contact the Barrie Police Service at 705-725-7025, ext. 2640 and speak to a detective in the Fraud Unit.