Pitch a tent and raise some money with Roughin’ it for a Reason

it might be the best reason to sleep outside for a night

Roughin’ it for a Reason is a unique fundraising event supporting Connect’s campaign to build a new nature centre at Scanlon Creek.

Register for this event by pledging to camp outside on September 24th and then gather donations from friends and family, but here’s the rub: Alter your camping amenities by how many donations you receive. Start with just a blanket and pillow and build up to a mattress and tent depending on what fundraising goals you hit! You could also go in the opposite direction because who doesn’t like to give their friends a hard time?

Don’t think you’ll be all alone out there though! All night long there will be a live stream with campfire music, activities for kids, bonfire cooking demonstrations and more.

Whether you’re a camping expert, a novice, or even agoraphobic, there’s little excuse not to head over to the website and register right now!

Feature image courtesy of Bianca Goncalves via pexels.com