Province confirms third case of Coronavirus

Man and woman said to be province's first two cases are recovering at home

Health officials have confirmed a third person is being treated for the coronavirus in Ontario, just hours after the country’s first patient was released. 

The newly confirmed patient is from London. A woman in her 20’s arrived asymptomatic from Wuhan. Once she started showing symptoms, the woman went directly to the hospital where she was quarantined. According to health officials, proper protocols were followed, meaning for very little risk of infection to others.

Officials say she is already on the mend.

 “I want to re-emphasize that the risk to Ontarians remains low,” said Dr. David Williams, Chief Medical Officer of Health. “It is clear that we are learning more and more about the coronavirus each day, and our testing procedures are evolving and getting more and more precise, which is good news for everyone throughout Ontario and Canada. By working hand-in-hand with our partners across the health care system we are in a very good position to contain the virus and better protect the health and wellbeing of individuals and families across the province.” 

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The first confirmed case, a Toronto man, has been released from hospital and returned home to stay in self-isolation, after arriving from China last week. His wife was the province’s and the country’s second case. It is expected both will recover fully.

At least 9,800 cases of the virus have been reported around the world, while the disease has claimed at least 213 lives to date.