Province-wide construction site safety blitz to begin Friday

Big box stores among those being inspected in hot zone safety blitz

A construction site inspection blitz is expected as of Friday, with 1,300 job sites in workplace inspectors’ crosshairs.

As part of a targeted health and safety blitz, some 200 inspectors will be visiting over a thousand construction sites province-wide to enforce COVID-related requirements. Inspectors will also be at over 500 other workplaces like big box stores, manufacturers, and warehouses in hot spot regions Toronto, Ottawa, and York Region.

“Construction workers continue to be needed on the frontlines to build hospitals, testing centres, broadband and other critical infrastructure our province needs,” said Labour Minister Monte McNaughton. “We’ve inspected these worksites regularly throughout the pandemic, but it is more important than ever, with these new variants spreading, that we continue to ensure that construction worksites are following the rules and that workers who still go to work every day are protected.”

Since the beginning of 2021, Queen’s Park says it has conducted more than 20,300 COVID-related workplace inspections across the province, including 17,442 construction site inspections. During those visits, they’ve issued over 15,600 orders and over 500 COVID-19 related tickets and stopped unsafe work related to COVID-19 a total of 26 times.