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And she waved: Festive pageant caps queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Organizers expected the pageant was watched by 1 billion people around the world

By Sylvia Hui in London, The Associated Press

In a crowning moment for her Platinum Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth II appeared at the balcony of Buckingham Palace Sunday, delighting fans who had hoped to catch a glimpse of her during the final day of festivities marking the monarch’s 70 years on the throne.

The 96-year-old monarch has curtailed her schedule in recent months due to problems moving around. Prior to Sunday, the queen had only appeared in public twice during the four-day holiday weekend celebrations. Officials said she experienced “discomfort” during those events on Thursday.

Thousands massed outside Buckingham Palace for the climax of a boisterous, colourful pageant cheered as the monarch appeared on the balcony with her son and heir, Prince Charles, his wife Camilla, and her eldest grandson Prince William and his family.

The queen, dressed in bright green, waved and smiled after the crowds belted out “God Save The Queen.” Her appearance, which only lasted a few minutes, was followed by a crowd-pleasing performance of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.”

It was an uplifting finale to a massive street pageant celebrating the queen’s life and highlighting Britain’s diversity. Thousands of people turned out on the streets of London, many speaking with excitement and pride about their queen and country.

Sunday’s pageant began with a spectacular military parade featuring 200 horses marching down the Mall to Buckingham Palace. They flanked the gold state coach, a gilded carriage that transported the queen to her coronation 69 years ago. A virtual version of her, drawn from archival video from her 1953 coronation, was shown at the coach’s windows.

After the pomp and pageantry came a melange of acts celebrating the diversity of modern Britain and the Commonwealth, from hip hop and Bollywood dancers to drag queens and Mardi Gras style floats. Some 6,000 performers paraded along a three-kilometre (nearly two-mile) route lined with a sea of Union flags, telling the story of the queen’s life with dance, vintage cars, vibrant costumes, carnival music and giant puppets.

Some of Britain’s best-loved cultural exports were here, from the Daleks in “Doctor Who” to James Bond’s sleek Aston Martins. Celebrities including singer Cliff Richard danced and sang from open-top double-decker buses designed to represent the sights and sounds of each decade, beginning with the 1950s.

“It’s a massive honour to be part of this, we’ve got the best queen in the world, don’t we? Best country in the world,” said Warren Jobson, a biker who took part in the parade.

Organizers expected the pageant was watched by 1 billion people around the world.

The keenest royal fans braved the wet, chilly weather and camped out on the Mall overnight to secure the best view of the pageant. Some came to see the celebrities who performed — like Ed Sheeran, who sang his song “Perfect” while a huge video screen showed pictures of the queen and her family — while others just wanted to be part of a historical moment.

“It’s part of history, it’s never going to happen again. It’s something special, so if you are going to do it you’ve got to go big or go home,” said Shaun Wallen, 50.

The queen did not join her family in the royal box watching the pageant. Nor did Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, who made their first family trip to the U.K. since they stepped away from royal duties and moved to the U.S. in 2020. The couple came to the U.K. for the big holiday weekend, but largely stayed out of the limelight during the Platinum Jubilee events.

Thousands of people ran out into the Mall after the parade ended in a bid to see the queen, filling the enormous expanse within minutes.

The monarch delighted the country when she appeared in a surprise comedy video that opened a concert Saturday staged in front of Buckingham Palace. In the video, the monarch had tea with a computer-animated Paddington Bear — and revealed that, just like the furry character, she was partial to marmalade sandwiches and liked to keep them in her handbag.

Diana Ross and the rock band Queen headlined the star-studded tribute concert Saturday night, which also featured Rod Stewart, Duran Duran, Alicia Keys and Andrea Bocelli.

Prince Charles, the queen’s eldest son and heir to the throne, highlighted his mother’s role as a symbol of unity and stability through the decades.

Addressing the queen as “Your Majesty, mummy,” Charles said: “You laugh and cry with us and, most importantly, you have been there for us for these 70 years.”

On Sunday, Charles and his wife, Camilla, mingled with crowds at The Oval cricket ground in London for a “Big Jubilee Lunch.”

Millions across the country likewise set out long tables, balloons and picnic fare for similar patriotic street parties and barbeques.

Jo Kearney, Srdjan Nedeljkovic and Maria Grazia Murru contributed to this report.

Feature image – Queen Elizabeth II waves to the crowd during the Platinum Jubilee Pageant outside Buckingham Palace in London, Sunday, June 5, 2022, on the last of four days of celebrations to mark the Platinum Jubilee. The pageant will be a carnival procession up The Mall featuring giant puppets and celebrities that will depict key moments from the Queen Elizabeth II’s seven decades on the throne. (AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali, Pool).