Raptors say players, staff test negative for COVID-19

It appears as if the NBA champs avoided contracting COVID-19. After coming into contact with the Utah Jazz a few days prior to one of Utah’s players testing positive for COVID-19, the Toronto Raptors say players and staff who underwent the testing all received negative results.

COVID 19 in Barrie

It was perhaps the first domino to fall here in North America. Once the NBA suspended play Wednesday night after Utah centre Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus – other leagues and organizations followed suit and the snowball began to roll.

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Toronto played the Jazz in Salt Lake City on Monday night. That game turned out to be the team’s last game before the season was paused. The Jazz now have two players with the disease.

Although the Raptors still have one result pending, the raptors released this statement Friday;

“All of the members of the travel party who were tested on Wednesday in Toronto have received their results, and they are all currently negative. Results for one additional person are pending,” the Raptors said in the release.

“These results will not affect our protocols, however. Those asked to self-isolate by Toronto Public Health will continue to do so. We will all practice social distancing and good hand hygiene, and — most importantly — carefully monitor our health.”