Renewed COVID restrictions in GTA lead to new fears of ‘migration’ to Barrie, Simcoe County

Will people drive here to go to the gym, dine out?

Some concern, with the new covid-related restrictions in the GTA, that people will start drifting north to Barrie and Simcoe County to take advantage of their gym memberships and other amenities.

Fitness chains ask members in COVID-19 hotspots not to travel out-of-town for a workout

Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman understands that concern, but notes, “Dr. Gardner, the health unit, would tell you the majority of our cases, and even in some of these other centres, are coming from social gatherings. They’re not coming from customers at businesses, whether it’s a restaurant or a store or otherwise.”

For now, says Lehman, the primary concern is social gatherings and people’s fatigue. And the key messages remain the same, even though you’ve hard them a hundred times, wear a mask and social distance, “We did this the first time, my positive side of this message is we can do it a second time. I know it’s hard. I know people are tired of it, but we have to do it again.”