Rent is due: Doug Ford says pay it, if you can.

It’s the first of the month and Ontario renters are being asked to pay their bills. “If you are able to pay your rent bill, please pay it,” said Ontario Premier Doug Ford. “Landlords and building owners have bills to pay too.”

But how exactly should you do that? The province doesn’t have any information on paying and collecting rent today (April 1’st). While the province “encourages landlords and tenants to work together during this difficult time to establish fair arrangements to keep tenants in their homes,” their website doesn’t actually spell out how this should be done. As of April 1’st there are no federal, provincial or municipal Covid-19 related relief programs to assist Canadians in paying their rent.

If you can’t pay rent, and you’re just in absolutely crisis, then you don’t have to pay rent.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford

The Province did halt evictions and landlords have been given a 6-month deferral on their mortgages in the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic. “If you have a choice between putting food on your table or paying rent, you’re putting food on your table. The government of Ontario will make sure that no one gets evicted. We stand by that and we’re gonna make sure we take care of those people,” Ford added.

For lease sign up in Downtown Collingwood storefront

“I heard there was a petition going around [saying] ‘Just don’t pay rent.’ That’s wrong. That’s hurting people across the board. We’re standing up for the tenants here so please don’t take advantage of it,” said Ford.