Report Strengthens Barrie-Area MP’s Stance Against Safe Injection Sites

MP Alex Nuttall Says Treatment and Rehabilitation Must Come First

North Barrie’s federal representative has always been against a proposed safe injection site in Barrie, but now he has info to back it up.

Barrie – Springwater – Oro-Medonte MP Alex Nuttall released a report today outlining how to address the opioid crisis, a report Nuttall says strengthens the argument against safe injection sites.

The report, called Care & Compassion: Fighting the Opioid Crisis cites 60 articles, government documents, and studies, while Nuttall says it all amounts to one fact: no one is addressing treatment and rehabilitation, and that must be done before safe injection sites are approved. “… the reality is, if there’s no services in the background to provide that help, then all we’re doing is feeding into the core problem itself, which is the use of heroin that may or may not be tainted, or the straight use of fentanyl or carfentenyl”

Originally, the MP came out against a proposed Safe Injection Site in downtown Barrie as he believed there was no community consultation.