UPDATE: Sparks from burning debris destroy home in Gravenhurst

No Injuries Reported


Damage is estimated at $400,000 from a house fire Tuesday afternoon in South Gravenhurst.

The owner of the home, Bagley Road near the Severn River, dialled 911 just after 2pm.

When firefighters arrived, flames were shooting through the roof of the structure and threatening to spread to an adjacent home.

Fire crews were able to slow the flames and save the neighbouring home.

A small unnoticed spark can easily ignite pine needles or dried leaves around a home or cottage

The homeowner told fire officials he had been burning debris in his backyard; sparks from the fire ignited the dry ground cover and spread to the house. He tried to douse the fire on his own for 20 minutes before calling for help

“Aside from the issue that outside burning is prohibited during the daytime in Gravenhurst, this is a dramatic example of what can happen, especially in the spring with home clean-up activities,” said Fire Chief Larry Brassard. “A small unnoticed spark can easily ignite pine needles or dried leaves around a home or cottage, or that may have sat over the winter in eaves trough.”

This fire underscores the importance of calling 9-1-1 quickly in an emergency, especially in more remote areas of the community where first responders have a long way to travel. Every minute is important to have a chance of making a meaningful intervention, said Chief Brassard

There were no injuries. Crews left the scene at approximately 8pm.


Gravenhurst Fire says a delay in reporting a structure fire meant it was harder to contain.

Fire crews were called out with reports of a structure fire on Bagley Road near Graham Lane early Tuesday afternoon, arriving to find the cottage fully engulfed in flame.

No injuries have been reported as a result, while no cause or damage estimate has been made available at this early stage.