Riding Highway 407 Will Cost More In 2020

Rates on the 407 will vary by season and other factors

Motorists who use Highway 407 will pay more if they use the toll road during the summer, which is deemed to be from May to October, while lowest rates will apply from February to April.

It’ll cost a whopping 65 cents per kilometre for light vehicles between 3:30 pm and six p.m. on weekdays during the summer. By comparison, tolls will be five per cent cheaper during those same peak periods between February to April.

Photo courtesy: Steempeak.ca

You really need a scorecard because rates also vary by day of week, time of day, weight of vehicle, direction of travel and the section of the highway used.

The company that operates the 407 says the increase during the summer is to ensure the highway doesn’t become congested during busy times of the year. The firm says traffic along the 407 is up to 25 per cent heavier during the summer than during the spring and winter periods.